Audition Process
Auditions are held every year for Incoming students as well as In House students.

Incoming student auditions are open for students who either want to switch to a magnet they are not currently in and for students from other schools who are not currently enrolled. 
      - Example 1: Current Dance student that wants to try out for Beginner Band.
      - Example 2: 5th grader that wants to make it into a magnet for the 6th grade school year.

In House student auditions are open for students who are currently enrolled into School of Discovery that are looking to advance up in their magnet or looking to stay in their current magnet level.
        - Example 1: Understudy Art student looking to get into GT Art.
        - Example 2: Jazz Band student that wants to keep their place in Jazz Band.

Each magnet teacher will have their individual requirements either posted on their page or available via phone/email.