The mission of Marlboro County School District is to provide a quality education and enable all students to achieve their highest potential.



The School District of Marlboro County will partner with all stake holders to develop responsible citizens, lifelong learners, and global leaders.

Our Beliefs

The School District of Marlboro County:

· Believes that a highly effective and dedicated staff will produce responsible citizens and life-long learners.

· Believes in promoting strong leadership that meets the academic, social, emotional, and physical needs of all students.

· Believes that all students will develop life and career characteristics.

· Believes that a safe and inviting and engaging environment will provide diverse learning opportunities for all students.

· Believes that instructional time will be protected and maximized.

· Believes that all students, parents, and staff should treat each other with respect.

· Believes that all stakeholders are essential for the success of all students.

· Believes that a rigorous curriculum is vital to effectively develop students with critical thinking, problem solving, and real world skills.

· Believes that continuous, high-quality professional development is essential to teaching and learning.

Our Motto

We are the PANTHERS and knowledge is our PREY.