Ms. Cardenas
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Week of January 16, 2018

Please check this page weekly, if not more, to see your child's homework, quiz and test announcements.

We continue to work  in our SC Ready Performance Coach Workbooks.  A lot of the material should be familiar to the students.  This week we begin Lesson 2 on Poetry.  Our Unit Vocabulary test has been determined.  Students have their list of words to study in their binders.

Please check your child's binder from time to time to make sure the table of contents lines up with the correct pages in their notebook.  They will receive a grade each 9 weeks for the notebook.  As long as they keep up with it and it is orderly and neat, they will receive a grade of 100.  If not their grade will drop.  Not having their notebook on the day they are checked will result in a grade of "0".  Students will be required to get the binder organized and turned in for a grade of 70 --IF they do not have it on the due date.

Students not completing homework assignments will receive a grade of "0".

Also, pleases make sure they are reading at least 20 minutes every night.  On Friday we will go to the library and check out books. Our library computer has been down, but students have checked out books from our classroom library. Our schedule will always be on Fridays every 2 weeks.

Ms. Linda Cardenas
6th and 7th Grade ELA and GT